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Welcome to the Bonner Rechtsjournal

History and Concept

In Germany, there are an increasing number of student law reviews being published. A group of law students at the University of Bonn is of the opinion that the Law Faculty should follow this trend and actively participate in this educational development.

Following the tradition and culture of Anglo-Saxon Law Reviews and Law Journals, some of the students of the Law Faculty at the University of Bonn decided to publish a legal magazine of their own. The magazine Das Bonner Rechtsjournal will contain legal analysis as well as educationally relevant articles and thus differentiates itself from existing publications.

The first aim of the Bonner Rechtsjournal is to create a forum for academic exchanges. The Bonner Rechtsjournal will also aim to awaken an interest in academic work within the students and give them the opportunity to have their essays or other work published. The publication of academic work is increasingly important in developing a successful legal career and students did not previously have a realistic chance of having written work enter the wider legal magazines. The publication of the first works of students will allow them to make their essays and academic commentaries widely available to a large readership.

The educational spectrum of students will become much wider and better focused through international and interdisciplinary academic exchanges, as well as gaining an insight into practical legal work within different areas. Essays, solutions to problem questions, commentaries on judgements and literature from professors, academic colleagues, lawyers, judges, ministers and public officials will make for thought provoking reading and give a deeper understanding of legal problems. Additionally, current affairs matters will be discussed in order to arouse the interest of the members of the Law Faculty in Bonn.

A further aim is to ensure that a critical-constructive dialogue is maintained between the teaching, research and practice of the law from the perspective of the students. The Bonner Rechtsjournal is subsidised by the Faculty, with the purpose of investing in the improvement of research and teaching.

All the editorial staff work voluntarily. A further source of financial support comes from the sale of the journal, with which more complex projects can be realised. We ask you to understand that no royalties can be offered for work published.